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Fight The Disparity !

If you end up falling and you break a leg, nobody will expect you to just get up and continue walking. You will be taken to the hospital. You will be given something for the pain.  You will be given diagnostics, X-rays or CT’s.  You will probably end up in a cast or have a surgery and even after you heal, that's not the end!


You will be sent to physical therapy so you regain strength  before you go back to your feet, and we are just not thinking the same about illnesses like depression, anxiety, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, ADHD, PTSD, trauma, loss, grief or something as devastating as a relationship failure, break up, divorce and the broken heart.


Because we don't treat these things the same, we're facing. Humongous mental health crisis, and that is not all ! People tend to react to visible injuries.


If you are bleeding, somebody is going to approach you, somebody's going to try to help,  or at least people will see for themselves and understand that you're going through something painful and something difficult. Invisible wounds of mental  health might be way worse than the broken leg but you are expected  to do what? To just get up and continue walking. Simply not possible!


We need to change this, but right now I want you to change it on a personal level, by giving yourself compassion credit and understanding for whatever the challenges is that you might be facing today.  Let's do it right now !  

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