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There could be nothing wrong with you !

What if there is nothing wrong with you? It sounds like a wild idea, especially coming from a psychiatrist. But what if all of your depressed mood and anxiety and insomnia and whatnot is a consequence of a real life problem that's outside of you that needs to be fixed? In that case, we should not really do a bunch of psychodynamic psychotherapy, identify your childhood trauma, or feed you psychiatric medications to blunt natural response that is telling you that something needs to change.

But here's what we can do. We can zoom in, identify the problem. We can increase your resilience and work on your coping mechanisms and we can treat symptoms. Maybe give you some sleeping pills to make sure that you get good bed rest. So you improve your energy levels and you go out there into the world and you are supported and encouraged and guided and you actually fix this problem.

And then you need psychiatrist no more.

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